Are you interested in cooperation with BEST Ljubljana?

BEST Ljubljana is an active organization run by students. Members have the option of additional education with study activities. We connect students, companies and universities. We achieve this by organizing various events, such as engineering competitions, seasonal courses, motivational weekends and various lectures/workshops.

With this, we want to enable European students to gain new knowledge, develop skills and competencies in the international team, and of course create an unforgettable experience. BEST is a gathering place for highly motivated students of technology and is a good partner for communicating with future staff or finding new ideas, which is noted by more and more Slovenian companies.

Why should you cooperate?


Companies can be presented interactively to both Slovenian and European students. Besides the promotion, offered by BEST Ljubljana, companies can also offer company visits or present a problem (e.g. case study), which helps to make advertising more effective. Besides this, companies also gain the possibility of employing promising staff.



HELLA Saturnus Slovenia is a part of the international HELLA Group and one of the largest Slovenian exporters. HELLA Group has been operating in Slovenia since 1997, when it entered the ownership structure of “Saturnus Avtooprema” and transformed the company in one of the most important development centers in Europe. HELLA Saturnus Slovenia has more than 2,700 employees at three locations in Slovenia, of which 15% are in development. Over the years, we have acquired knowledge and competencies in the field of lighting products, electronics, manufacturing technologies and quality. In Slovenia we develop and manufacture automotive headlights, fog lamps, single- and multi-functional signal lamps (Car Body Lighting), interior lighting and radar covers.

We are creating the future in the world of cars

  • we are partners to customers and are always at the forefront of development and progress
  • in development centers all over the world with top experts we develop lighting equipment for the world's largest car manufacturers (e.g. VW Group, BMW, GM, JLR, Volvo, Daimler, Renault-Nissan, Ford, PSA ... )

CREA is a successful, reputable and innovative company in which we work on interesting and demanding projects in the field of information technology and business processes. We constantly accept the technological and business challenges at home and abroad. The employees in our work truly enjoy, use the most modern technologies, together we look forward to success and have fun.

Are you .NET creative? If you would like to join us, we invite you to watch our ad for students and jobseekers or to visit our website:


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