This summer we organized an international Summer Course on the topic of genome editing, genetically modified organisms and biofuels. 22 students from all over Europe came to learn something new about this exciting topic in our beautiful capital of Ljubljana.

During the course, students were given both academic content as well as cultural enrichment through social activities.

Academic hours consisted of interesting lectures from professors of the University of Ljubljana and company visits of Institute of Microbiology and Immunology and Acies Bio. The last part was the case study on the topic of production of biofuels in collaboration with our partner Petrol. The participants were divided into groups and discussed about the solution of higher biofuel yield. The winning team proposed the genome engineering of thermophilic bacteria by adding some genes of mesophilic bacteria. 

Since our participants learned a lot during the course, we are providing you with the lecture notes so that you will also have this opportunity. Check them out here!

Social part of the course consisted of different get-to-know games, social activities and visits of Ljubljana’s tourist attractions.  The weekend was spent in a small village in Soča valley where we had some outdoor activities such as swimming in the river Idrijca, socializing by the picnic place, International Evening, and much more. 

It is hard to describe the experience that you get by attending a BEST Course. We really do recommend it to everyone. If you would like to travel and also learn something new next year, check this page.

Our course would not be possible without the sponsors; Petrol, Acies Bio, Bioseparations, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Institute of Microbiology and Immunology. Each one of them contributed with financial support or/and sharing their knowledge to our participants. 

Our material sponsors were Proconi with instant meals Pogrej in pojej, Droga Kolinska with Cockta Original and Barcaffe Lattiato, E-študentski servis with pens and paper, Burek Olimpija with their trademark burek and Davidov hram with Jeruzalemčan wine for the proffessors. 

Special thank you also go to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering where we had lectures, and to Marjetica canteen, who prepared delicious lunches for the participants. 


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