BEST Ljubljana

In Local Best Group Ljubljana we have around 30 active members and some of them are also taking part in international committees. For all Slovenian students we provide the possibility to attend all kinds of BEST activities and events that are going on all over the Europe in any time of a year.

Each year our group organizes summer course for all the European students. Since 1989, when our group was established, we have organized a lot of successful courses, workshops, cultural exchanges, sport-fun activities, the regional meeting, the general assembly, the presidents meeting of all BEST groups and many other events. We have always got a great respond from all the Slovenian and European participants and from institutions, companies and our partners.

Talking about our local events, we could point out the motivation weekends,trainings of team design and presentation skills, engineering competitions, … We take part in student fairs and tend to present BEST organization and we also cooperate with many other international student organizations.

All BEST members are working voluntary on local and international level. Being active members of organization brings them lots of experiences and new knowledge about team work, organization, leadership, found raising (FR), public relationship (PR), promotion. Apart from that it also gives them the ability to get some communication skills in native and foreign languages.